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RIVER Humber Rescue - AMONG Britain's busiest independent lifeboats


The River Humber is considered among the very dangerous navigable rivers on earth. It is unsurprising that the most experienced of navigators might be caught out seven knot currents and by its changing sands.

The ocean is a great place to relax, whether it is out on a boat or by the beach, but please remember that there are also hidden dangers and a slightly tricky or even humorous situation can very quickly turn into a potentially life threatening emergency. The RNLI have put together a great guide on how to enjoy the sea safely

Humber Rescue is a completely independent charity accountable for the supply of a rapid-result rescue boat on the rivers. The region is about 540 square miles and contains the Rivers, Ouse Trent, Hull and Humber.

Prior to the service provided by Humber Rescue there was no dedicated rescue or safety vessel on the upper Humber.

Calling Us Out

If you see anything suspicious on or in the water, flares, clothing hoisted on a ship or yacht's mast, people waving or persons walking around on sandbanks, DIAL 999 and ask for the Coastguard. The operator will connect you through to the Coastguard Rescue Centre at Bridlington who will alert Humber Rescue by pager system.

Read more about calling us out . . .

RYA Power Boat Training

Humber Rescue are pleased to announce we have become a registered RYA Power Boat Training Centre. We now offer courses in small powerboats including RIBs, sports boats and small launches. Visit our RYA courses page more information on the training available or please contact the Humber Rescue Training Officer, Dave Bertholini on 01482 648200 or send an e-mail to: humberrescue@humberrescue.karoo.co.uk.